About SHMD School

It has been 32 years science the idea of SHMD School was mooted and made a reality. From those pioneering days the school has developed much and has evolved into an academic institute comparable to the best. The School gained affiliation from the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi, in 1994. Over the years the school has progressed into an avant-grade one, with excellent teaching methods and latest equipments, and the onward thrust has found expression in the trail blazing academic achievements of the students. SHMD School is a strong institution staffed by highly qualified teachers. Our fully equipped laboratories are second to none with the most modern equipments and facilities. The School Library too boasts of an impressive collection of books, the pride of which is the reference section. The School has a modern campus designed to provide a learning and the living environment that would meet the academic, development and social needs of students. The school is ambitious and has a grandiose plan for the future. The recently built modern multi-purpose has is another step towards the infrastructure development plans that the school has taken. Strength of the school is 1850 students.


School Crest

Our School Crest has two rings, an open book and a flaming torch with our Motto inscribed above the torch. The outer large and small circles represent the halves and the have-nots. The two stars, although poles apart are enclosed between the two rings and suitably symbolize our unity in diversity, we are all enclosed between the circle as one nation. The circles also include the names of our school and town, Jaigaon, and these are reminders that no matter how small or big our school and town may be, we have vital role to play in upkeep of the prestige and integrity of our country. In the core of the circles are an open book and a burning torch. The open book describes an institution that is open to all regardless of the parameters that divide human beings. SHMD School believes education is a continuum that should not be shut and the process of education must continue lifelong.

School Motto

Immediately above the torch is our motto, “Lighted to Shine”. This simple message is pregnant with meaning. The SHMD-ites are trained (Lighted) to move ahead and illuminate (Shine) the dark corners of our great nation. The school strives not just to teach students to achieve success at school level but endeavor to make the children shine in life so that others too may be rid of the darkness of ignorance. The objective is to see that every child leaving the school is truly “LIGHTED TO SHINE”

Well Equipped Science Labs

High Configuration Computer Labs

Well Stacked & Spacious Library

Cloud Learning with Google Apps